Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences, Mention in Computer Science

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Vladimir Riffo

Associate Professor,
Depto. de Ingeniería Informática y Cs. de la Computación (DIICC),
Universidad de Atacama.

Members of the Machine Intelligence Group (GRIMA).

With experienced in: Research in non-destructive testing using computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition and machine learning.

Research Interest:

  • Pattern recognition,
  • Object detection and tracking,
  • Computer visio using multiple views and X-ray images.

See Publications and Google Scholar.

Contact Information

  • Address: Universidad de Atacama,
    Av. Copayapu N° 485,
    Región de Atacama,
  • E-mail: vladimir.riffo@uda.cl
  • Phone: (+56) 52 225-5685

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